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Voters Roll - How to search it.

A Voters Roll Search  is easy using online providers such as 192. >>

Simply search by surname and first name, a middle name is optional. You can carry out a country wide search for the whole of the UK or limit the search to a specific area.

You can also limit the voters roll search results by year, e.g. Only return results from 2012 or by a range of years e.g. Show results from 2000 - 2012 or just 2003, 2004, 2007 and 2011.

The Voters roll search results found will show every person not just voters living at a particular address and give the year of occupancy so you can see if the person found is still likely to be at the address.

It will also display where possible ages, phone numbers and other details like Land registry information and company directorships.